V-Guard VWI 400 Voltage Stabilizer for AC Up to 1.5 Ton (130V-280V)

-27% V-Guard VWI 400 Voltage Stabilizer for AC Up to 1.5 Ton (130V-280V)

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Specifications of V-Guard VWI 400 Voltage Stabilizer for AC - Home Appliances


Stabilizer, User Manual, Warranty Card


Technical Details:

  • Model - VWI 400
  • Capacity - 12 A
  • Working Range(Input) - 130V-280V
  • Cabinet Material - ABS
  • Application - One AC up to 1.5 Ton/18000 Btu/Hr
  • Time Delay - ITDS 3Min+-20sec
  • Digital Display
 Salient Features:

  1. Intelligent Time Delay System for protecting the compressor in the air conditioners from adverse effects of frequent power failure and erratic voltage fluctuation by providing proper balancing time thus ensuring longer life of the air conditioners.
  2. Low and High Voltage Cut-Off Protection for protecting connected equipment from     potentially dangerous voltages.
  3. Latest IC Technology - The on-board high speed micro-controller continuously monitors the input voltage and acts instantly during fluctuating input voltages and stabilizes the output voltage by controlling regulating section while on load.
  4. Built in Thermal Overload Protection - Dedicated sensors protect the stabilizer and air conditioner from high temperature burnout during overload conditions.
  5. Wall Mounting Cabinet Design - Attractive cabinet which blends with house interiors, stylish new display and easy to install.
  6. Smart Display - Digital seven segment display that shows real time input and output voltage level and working conditions.
  7. Energy Efficient Design - Stringent quality control measures implemented to ensure optimum output.

Duration3 Years

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