Lowest Price Guarantee in Delhi (**T&C Apply)

Make My Kart presents a new and unique offer under which we guarantee the lowest price for an item being sold on MakeMyKart.com for orders being placed in Delhi.**

  1. For all orders in Delhi, this offer is being provided alongside of Guaranteed 48 Hours Delivery in Delhi.

This offer applies on all the products being sold throughout the MakeMyKart.com.**

Here are a few features of this offer:

  1. The lowest price offer for customers placing orders in Delhi will be calculated after including the delivery charges. It means customers will get the minimum price for a product at MakeMyKart.com than anywhere else on the internet in Delhi.**
  2. If the lowest price is not available or cannot be made available, MakeMyKart.com will provide the customer a coupon of Rs.100 which can be redeemed for exact amount at MakeMyKart.com.
  3. This offer is also valid for COD orders throughout Delhi.
** Terms and Conditions -

  1. Offer is valid for products having a minimum MRP of Rs. 2,999. This doesn't mean that it cannot be available for a minimum price, but no coupon will be provided if the price is not minimum.
  2. Customer needs to provide the details of the website where the product is being sold for a lesser price than MakeMyKart.com. After that MakeMyKart.com will decide whether the lowest price can be provided or not.
  3. Comparison for price of a product can be made between MakeMyKart.com and any other website on the internet. No offline mode of availability like shop or showroom will be valid for this offer.
  4. Delivery address should have a pincode of Delhi only for this offer to be valid.
MakeMyKart.com reserves the right to change this offer or its terms and conditions without any prior notice to the customers.